Hey guys… Please give us a bit of a brief story of the band…

6:33 - Deadly Scenes

6:33 are self-professed avant-garde rockers, from Paris, France... I’d dare to even go as far as to say extravantgarde! They sound like a complete mindfuck as if they collectively dipped their croissants in LSD, instead of coffee and then decided to compose, the said “mind-funk” that “Deadly Scenes” is.
If you like Devin “you know who” Townsend and Mike Patton “not when he’s screaming his balls off” and all that oddball stuff, with a bit of a French taste and elegance thrown in for good measure, then 6:33 might be your new favorite band.

6:33 to release “Deadly Scenes” on January 12th 2015

On January 12th, 2015 Kaotoxin Records will release “Deadly Scenes” from Paris avant-garde rockers 6:33 (North American and digital releases follow on January 13). The first pressing will come in a limited edition (1,000 copies) DigiSleeve, bundled with a free 26-track label sampler. A special cassette version limited to 100 copies will also be available exclusively from Kaotoxin.

ABWH - Live at the NEC

Certainly the names of Anderson, Brudford, Wakeman, Howe will evoke a lot of memories to the progressive fans around the world. These talented and premiere musicians formed the alter ego of YES back in 1989 under the name of ABWH, just using the initials of their names. Some legal problems regarding the use of the name YES made them go on with ABWH for a couple of years till all the differences were resolved finally and they produced the YES album “Union” in 1991.