6:33 - Deadly Scenes

6:33 Deadly Scenes cover
Deadly Scenes
Kaotoxin Records
6:33 are self-professed avant-garde rockers, from Paris, France... I’d dare to even go as far as to say extravantgarde! They sound like a complete mindfuck as if they collectively dipped their croissants in LSD, instead of coffee and then decided to compose, the said “mind-funk” that “Deadly Scenes” is.
If you like Devin “you know who” Townsend and Mike Patton “not when he’s screaming his balls off” and all that oddball stuff, with a bit of a French taste and elegance thrown in for good measure, then 6:33 might be your new favorite band.
I am usually dismissive of similar projects, but these guys are pretty ingenious, I must admit... every song, is completely different from the other and none of them, would fit your standard definition of rock. They indulge in jazzy swing, postmodern hardcore, whatever you can imagine, in the duration of a single song... it’s everything and the kitchen sink... all terribly melodic and catchy… go figure! On the other hand, it’s so well done, that you can’t help but to like the result, no matter how left field and far out of your comfort zone it might be.
Songs like the really “weird in the head” opener “Hellalujah”, which starts with a chant, before it slips straight into a funky jazzy hell, loaded with acid and complete with “horns” have to be heard to be believed...
“Ego Fandango” ain’t much better, mixing fandango, mod, punk, pop and extreme metal into one delicious bubblegum and those opening lines… (wtf/omg/lmao)
The hilariously titled “The Walking Fed” has all these “tribal” elements that it mixes very successfully with some poppy vocal lines, in a very bizarre but completely enjoyable way.
The equally hilarious “I’m a Nerd”, seems to take things completely off the rails as it opens with a symphonic intro, has a black metal blast beat section, with multiple layers of vocals – extreme and a lalala-section sun in smurfy voices, and a poppy chorus that sounds like Wheatus on drugs (which I suppose they must have been).
“Modus Operandi” pales in comparison, being a rather tame song with an almost theatrical identity...
“Black Widow” is pretty catchy, and checks every box, you might think as far as influences and musical genres covered although it’s mostly a swing number at heart. With its Mr. Bungle moments, some circus music and a bidet included… and people called SOAD prog or inspired by FZ. Sure, these guys make poor old Frankie, sound like “blue eyes” in comparison, or come pretty close at least.
“Last Bullet for a Gold Rattle” is a happy-hippy-guitar noodle-doodle, that veers for some 3-4 odd minutes, before “Lazy Boy” makes its lazy entrance…it’s soft demeanor is very quickly rattled when a blast beat erupts making it sound like Dimmu Borgir, to be followed by some diva vocals and come full circle.
Pretty cinematic in scope… last but not least, the title track, “Deadly Scenes” in its thirteen plus minutes of duration and few stories must cover pretty much “every” modern musical genre... with very few being omitted, but hey, it's never too late…
6:33 manage to create catchy mashups of musical genres and soundscapes that one would find quite hard to mix and even if their music has several layers, it’s not too difficult to follow, once the initial shock subsides... So when your other half asks you if you fancy a romantic weekend break close to the sea or by the mountainside... just tell them 6:33 and let them figure it out…