Beverly Killz - Gasoline & Broken Hearts

I truly fancy this band’s name… it takes me back to the 90s when the guys of my age used to watch the Beverly Hills TV series. Wow, it brings some memories back… and the Killz with the “z” instead of Hills it’s kinda hilarious. Hence, it wasn’t so hard to guess the music style of the band. Hmm, it would surely have some 80s hard rock, sleaze, hair metal influences… and I wasn’t wrong at all… with the exception of a modern and updated sound of the band.

The Glamour Punks - "One Sick Posse" is now available

You wanted the sickest, nastiest, most deranged band to ever dominate the Sunset Strip! You got them!
THE GLAMOUR PUNKS, yes Holy Sh*t the Glamour Punks! Hated By Millions... Loved By All... Ignored By None!
And this album cannot be ignored by anyone! Arguably the best band to ever come off the strip in the early nineties, Hollywood's ultimate bad boy punks of Glam have finally teamed up with Demon Doll Records to bring you the record you have been waiting over 20+ years to get your hands on - the CD 'ONE SICK POSSE' is now available!