Zombiefication - Procession Through Infestation

Zombiefication Procession Through Infestation cover
Procession Through Infestation
Doomentia Records
It’s been a while since I listened to a death metal album. Even though my “death metal days” are long gone I still fancy listening to death metal albums every now and then, especially some good ones. I wasn’t aware of this Mexican duo Zombiefication until now. This is their third studio work and as I understand the duo is trying to become a “real band” and make an opening to the European death metal scene.
That’s understandable cuz Zombiefication are vastly influenced by the European death metal scene and the Scandinavian one in particular. Without bringing anything new on the table and without being impressive or “original” they do their thing fine and they play OK. The sound is a bit “hollow” and not too powerful but it’s nice for such an album at large. The album was recorded in Mexico and mixed in Stockholm by Tore Stjerna at the famous Necromorbus studio.
Certainly, if you’re not into death metal music this album won’t change your mind and won’t make you a death metaller in any way. The fans of the genre who are fond of new death metal acts which have an attitude and they do know how to play this game, should give ‘em a chance and make up their own minds after that…