Zeromancer - Sinners International

Sinners International
After almost 5 years of absence, finally the Norwegian industrial-dark-goth-rock band has released its new album. After the last release “ZZYZX” and a big European tour in 2004 they took a long break… while the mastermind and singer of the band, Alex Møklebust, re-united with his former band Seigmen and released a double DVD, a live album and did some live shows in Oslo. I believe that 5 years is a long time period for a band to be inactive but on the other hand, I’m sure that the fans of the band will be more than happy with this release. The band offers nice industrial-dark melodies, melancholic atmospheres and some nice rock rhythms… so they blend all these elements together and the result is… Zeromancer.
The album was produced by the band and it was mixed and engineered by Alex Møklebust… so the band had the total control of the album’s making from the beginning to the end… and it was successful, according to my opinion, ‘cause it sounds really powerful and dark. Also two new members have joined the band, the guitarist Dan Heide and the keyboardist Lorry Kristiansen. Those who have tasted the band’s music in the past will be more that satisfied with this album… as for the others who have never heard of the band before and they like mysterious weird industrial rock music or just want to try out something new that has nothing to do with mainstream music… just listen to the hit of the album “Doppelgänger I Love You” and the wonderfully-raw “Sounds Like Love (but it Looks Like Sex)”, and make up your mind whether you will enter in this obscure cold industrial crypt or you will stay outside on the shinny side of the town… after all… it’s up to you…