Zen Rock and Roll - The Birthright Circle

Zen Rock and Roll The Birthright Circle cover
Zen Rock and Roll
The Birthright Circle
Progrock Records
Amazing album indeed!!! It seems that Progrock records got a few good aces in the sleeve! The mastermind behind this record is Jonathan Saunders who has composed most of the music. What strikes the attention is the weird name of the band, which has nothing to do with the music we get in this CD. I seriously don’t know what they had in mind when adopting this name, but the guys here give lessons of how modern prog rock should sound. Only four songs (one of which lasts 23 minutes) in which all magic of traditional prog rock is mixed with modern pop and musical elements. I would say that Zen here introduce a broadway style of progressive rock music. Vigorous melodies, only few complicated parts, clean-cut structures, amazing atmosphere and loads of instruments build this unique album.
The band owns this amazing capability to match various influences from Elton John and Bee Gees, to Marillion, Pink Floyd and Genesis in order to offer us an amalgam of qualitative music. I think that the bet here is won for the band in the refrain front. You see, Zen here manage to create long songs that nevertheless present catchy refrains, that stuck to your head for days and you keep singing them. Do you like ballads, you’ve got it! Prog rock outbreaks? You’ve got it too! How about some musical? Here it is! I seriously urge everyone who likes prog music to listen to this album... it will definitely cheer him/her up for good. At least I know that it will be among my favourite albums of the year.