Zaneta - Tales from the Sun

Zaneta Tales from the Sun cover
Tales from the Sun
Lions Pride Music
It’s really encouraging to see young bands induced by the acts they grew up with, starting their own course in the music scene. That’s exactly the case with the newcomer Zaneta from Italy. The band started in 2013 and after two years, the guys are here with their debut release. But which are those bands that the members of Zaneta grew up with, you may ask. It’s simple; Journey, Foreigner, Survivor, Toto, Giant, REO Speedwagon, Strangeways and the list goes on.
The musicianship is quite strong as all the guys are very skillful players. I fancy the way Steff uses the synth sounds, Danilo plays the drums, Fabrizio delivers his exceptional solos and Simone sings and plays the guitars & bass. It would be a pity if I left any of the guys without a comment as they have worked hard to achieve such a fine outcome. The production is rather contemporary and the overall sound is full & tight. Probably at times they sound a little more rockin’ than the usual AOR/melodic rock bands but that ain’t a bad thing or something.
“Tales from the Sun” is a very good debut from a band which has just started its journey in the music world. I’m sure these guys do not compromise and they are ready to push things ever further. One thing is for sure that the first “sample” is fairly enjoyable and serves as a good appetizer for what’s to come… keep an eye on these Italians if you like AOR/melodic rock music in general.