You Bred Raptors? - Grant

You Bred Raptors? Grant cover
You Bred Raptors?
Independent Release
You Bred Raptors? were formed in 2010 in New York, US and since then they have released 3 full-length albums, including the newest one, “Grant”. I haven’t been aware of the band but I was glad I came upon them, cuz even though they are not a “rock group”, their music still is diverse, different and strange… it also has a “rock” background”…
Well, how can you describe the sound of a band consisting of three members, Peat Rains, Bryan Wilson & Patrick Bradley who play 8-string bass & glockenspiel, cello and drums & glockenspiel (percussion instrument with tuned keys) respectively?! Experimental, progressive, jazz-fusion, atmospheric, arty, rock with modern and neo-classical elements could have been a fair description/definition but I think it’s better to let the music speak for itself. What’s more impressive is that these guys have (and still give) given hundreds of live shows in the NYC subways with the Music Under New York program (MUNY)! Thousands of people come across their music every time they play in the subway and this is the most direct & fair-minded criterion for their music quality. If they can “steal” some time out of today’s people who are always on the run trying to catch this or not to miss that… then they surely have found the very essence of their music.
The album was produced by the band, recorded by Eric Castillo at Nada Recording Studios, Mixed by Eric Castillo & Michael Zucker and finally mastered by the latter. It’s important for such an album to have a crystal clear sound and the guys have achieved it entirely. It’s true that You Bred Raptors? have their personal, very distinctive sound and that’s why this band is worth-listening to, no matter what music style you prefer. Assuredly, the lovers of strange, experimental, atmospheric, imaginative and instrumental music will revel in this alum and the band in general. Next time you happen upon the masked men of NYC, stay a little longer, enjoy the moment and even get their album, not only to support the band, but also to give yourself the chance to listen to something out of the ordinary, but so enchanting and artistic…