XaDu - Random Abstract

XaDu Random Abstract cover
Random Abstract
MoonJune Records
XaDu is a new music project between the gifted drummer Xavi Reija and the skilled guitarist Dusan Jeftovic. Those two guys have also cooperated in the past in Xavi’s solo album “Resolution” in 2014. That album gave the two musicians the chance to get to know each other and continue working under their own moniker called XaDu (a combination of their names, first 2 syllables).
“Random Abstract” is a suitable title for this album. Those guys couldn’t have given a more fitting title to their album. Dusan’s guitar “draws” are accompanied, in every detail, with Xavi’s technical & complex drumming. The album is full of experimentations and improvisations between the two musicians. Of course, the jazz-rock, prog rock & fusion elements are present throughout the album. I do not know if these are live recordings or not but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were, judging by the music skills of those two guys. The production is “free” and full in every part.
I do know that “Random Abstract” is not an everyday album that you can enjoy while drinking your coffee or fooling around on the web. It demands your time and your full devotion to get into it. Certainly, musicians of all kinds, who are eager to expand their horizons without necessarily having to put tag to their music, will find this album more motivating and thought-provoking than the average listener…