Wrathchild STAKKATTAKKTWO cover artwork 2011
Perris Records
This band has a lot of history background… it was formed back in 1980 and was one of the first glam/sleaze metal bands… unfortunately they managed to release only 3 studio albums (“Trash Queens” is a compilation of the “Do You Want My Love?” single, the “Stackheel Strutt” EP, and three live tracks). The last album which was entitled “Delirium” was out in 1989. The album “Stakk Attakk” is being considered by the fans of the genre as one of the “underground” gems of glam/sleaze metal music of the 80s. The band spilt up in 1990 when their singer Rocky Trades went to Discharge. The other guys (Phil Wrathchild - guitars, Marc Angel - bass, Eddie Star - drums) later, in 2005, along with the new singer Gaz Harris formed a new band called Psycowrath. In 2009, they acquired the trademarks for Wrathchild & Wrathchild UK, they recovered their previous name and started recording a new album they called “STAKKATTAKKTWO”.
Enough with the history lessons… better go back to the music. “STAKKATTAKKTWO” is a pure glam/sleaze hard rock/metal album… right from the 80s… if I didn’t know that it was released nowadays I would bet that this record was released in the mid-80s. It will remind you of bands like: Kiss, Motley Crue (first albums), Poison, Tigertailz, Loud N’ Nasty, CrashDiet, (early) Ratt, Nasty Idols and the list goes on. Absolutely gratifying… it has all those glam/sleaze elements we loved back in the day… cocky attitude… enjoyable lyrics, rockin’ guitars… with harsh raspy vocals. The production is excellent and very rockin’… plus it conveys an 80s feeling… it also has a “live sensation” that leaves more room for the instruments and the voice to breathe… certainly it wasn’t made by the standards of today’s productions… which are rather overly “digital” and tighter.
“STAKKATTAKKTWO” is the best release of the band as yet… you will be delighted when listening to songs like: Goin’ Down”, “All About U”, “Cherie, Cherie”, “Trikk or Treat”, “Hollywood or Bust”, “Nice n’ Eazy”, “Wild Hot Fever”“I’ll Be Your Rock N’ Roll”“I Luv the Night”, “Bad Billy” and the emotional “Psychophantic Suicide” (surely one of the most beautiful songs of the year). The faithful band followers may have waited for almost 22 years but I believe that they’ll be thrilled. As for the other glam/sleaze 80s hard rock/metal fans… they’d better check out this album immediately for they will be nicely surprised! I know that there’s been a while since I listened to such an amusing glam/sleaze hard rock/metal album (I bet you too)… moreover, it makes me wanna play it again and again… This is, probably, the best hard sleazy rockin’ album of the year…