Wolfmother - Victorious

Wolfmother Victorious cover
Universal Music Enterprises
It seems weird that a band like Wolfmother really had the vibe/hype machine foaming in the mouth way before they even debuted with an EP more than a decade ago. Obviously being signed to Universal might have nothing to do with it or did it? Just like The Answer or a few other “rock ‘n roll saviors” that the big companies and mags have presented to “us” the public, they have failed to make any serious mark in popular culture and have really lost a lot of ground since then.
Given that the band’s debut EP wasn’t all that terrible, but the ensuing records were progressively worse, it’s kinda funny to see a hairy guy in some sort of an ego trip that has changed his bands line-up multiple times, only having his photo on the album. Performance wise if listening to a guy doing a weak Ozzy on helium impersonation, over half arsed Black Sabbath riffs, but ending up to sound like a garage band covering Black Zeppelin, is your thing, then be my guest. It’s probably as close to pathetic as I could ever think of.
“Victorious” is not as terrible as the album’s that Wolfmother released post EP, but still that’s not saying much, as the album simply runs out of steam way too early.
“Love That You Give” is not bad sounding a bit like it draws from Brant Bjork’s stash, while the title track sounds like a lazy Sabbath rip-off on helium with Stockdale’s vocals sounding way too nasal and whiny.
“Baroness” is pretty “gay” (as in colorful) but probably not too bad, as the chorus is likeable enough.
But “Pretty Peggy” is an effing mess. In trying to rip off Led Zep, it sounds as campy as it could be.
“City Lights” manages to pick up a bit of the slack, but really, it’s not enough.
“Simple Life” tries to be a minor hit in the way of say “Apple Tree” but really falls way too short of doing that just devoid of any serious energy.
Then “The Best of a Bad Situation” enters and it really makes you scratch your head, it sounds like a bad Rolling Stones cover done by Bon Jovi in some cabaret… only worse.
“Gypsy Caravan” goes again for the Fu Manchu/Kyuss sound, but Stockdale’s vocals are fooking annoying.
“Happy Face” goes stoned up psychedelia, ending up being one of the better tracks, but seriously, why would anyone not put some superior 60s/70s original, instead of “this”?
Lastly, “Eye of the Beholder” really doesn’t do much to change the overall outlook; it has some brief moments but, fails to leave a mark.
I really could hardly find a full song to like. Maybe some riffs or moments here and there are interesting, but Stockdale’s vocals 90% of the time are annoying, so why even bother with this. Only for “fans”, “hipsterics” and people with too much time and money.