The Wizards Of Winter - The Magic of Winter

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The Wizards Of Winter
The Magic of Winter
Breaking Bands
The Wizards Of Winter are a Yuletide rock ensemble, think a somewhat more folk, equally symphonic, but more banal version of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra of whom they feature some original members. I would imagine no longer performing with T$O, but still eyeing on the nice holiday ca$h in that these projects, have proven, for once nice classic bands like Savatage and Twisted Sister, which decided to start singing the carols, when they saw that the holiday market would pocket them more than they normally make in a whole year, within a couple of months…
Opener “Flight of the Snow Angels” features a nice portion of “Little Drummer Boy” right at the beginning, while if I had to mention all the “loans” from classical pieces in this, I might have needed a couple of pages… just like TSO, only with a slightly drier production and possibly some lesser known people involved. Stylistically it’s some average prog rock with a ton of “borrowed”/reprised melodies that is banal and boring as someone waking you up on “those” days to sing you the carols – (you know that you usually turn the other way, or pretend that you’re not there)…
A TSO wannabe/clone with a holiday show to go with it, on their “sophomore” (?) effort is really something that the rock world needs as much as Ebola… seriously fuck all these shit and those who try to make a few more bucks from the holiday season. I’d rather have my ears fall, than listen to another “chri$tmas ca$h grab” album by anyone...