Witchcraft - Legend

Witchcraft Legend cover
Nuclear Blast
I was quite aware of what to wait from Witchcraft’s new album. Not that I was expecting any surprises but three words kept on coming on my mind while I was listening to their new work: Sabbath, Sabbath & Sabbath! Huh, I bet these exact three words had been on the band’s mind as they were writing and recording this album.
What’s new here? Well… sorta nothing. The production is great and doomy, the album is well-advertised and the band has a rather good support from a major label. Isn’t that good enough? You bet it is… especially in our time. I’m sure Witchcraft have wished they had been born Sabbath… but unfortunately for them - and luckily for us - they weren’t. Hence, they prefer to pay their tribute to the Grandfathers of doom and heavy metal music. Are they a tribute band? Nope… are they a Sabbath cover band… hmm… they probably were sometime and then out of nothing they decided to lay down “their own musical ideas”!
Is this album bad or what? No, of course it’s not. It’s OK… but it has nothing original in it. Neither can we spot any personal musical issue concerning the band’s members. It’s all about Sabbath. Every little thing here is trying to sound/be like Sabbath… besides the band’s stylistics. Sorry, guys but I prefer the real thing. Even Sabbath couldn’t go on delivering the same music for more than 10 years so they changed in the 80s and so on. Having the Iommi & Ozzy poster over you bed does not give you the right to make a career by imitating their music… don’t even think that they could make music as good as Sabbath did. Do we need bands like this one? Personally? I don’t. If you haven’t heard of Sabbath before you will probably like it… but then again, I would suggest you buy the 70s Sabbath albums and then your collection will be more than complete.