Wishbone Ash - Blue Horizon

Wishbone Ash Blue Horizon cover
Wishbone Ash
Blue Horizon
Solid Rockhouse Records
Formed in 1969, Wishbone Ash are a historic English band with an immersive body of work: 24 original studio recordings, 10 live albums and four live DVDs along with a rockumentary (“This is Wishbone Ash”). The truth is I haven’t been keeping up with their stuff for some years now, therefore, if someone had told me that in 2014 I would have a new album by Wishbone Ash I would have thought they were out of their mind. All the more if they told me it was going to be any good. As it turns out it’s only been 3 years since “Elegant Stealth” and, as it turns out, they’ve still got it.
“New Horizon” is a quite decent, easy to listen record that proves yet again that a good band is a good band at any age. I’m not saying of course this is the best thing they’ve ever done, but you don’t expect a band that’s been around since the 70s to create their best stuff now. Exactly like with “Now What?!” by Deep Purple; you don’t judge an album by a band of this magnitude the same way you’d judge any other. Even if it is a bit outdated, no one should expect them to start trying out new kinds of music at this stage. Also, no one expects them to release their greatest work now. The best thing anyone can hope for an album like this one is not to tarnish the band’s history and reputation.
The album starts off with “Take It Back” which is an excellent track, but sounds more like an Eloy song rather than a Wishbone Ash one. In the “Argus”-reminiscent next song, Wishbone Ash make their presence known for good. “Deep Blues” is a heavy blues rock tune written by a bunch of guys who clearly know the genre quite well. Next we have “Strange How Things Come Back Around”, this track combines a harsh blues sound with a softer and rather melancholic chorus. That’s exactly how I would describe the rest of the album, sweet to the ear, bluesy at times, melancholic and yet cheerful at others. In other words, it’s an easy-listening, rock album that manages to travel your mind and not put you to sleep. So, it appears these old dogs have a trick or two left in ‘em.