Wings In Motion - Cyclicity

Wings In Motion Cyclicity cover
Wings In Motion
Metal Scrap Records
It all started back in 2008 and after a 6-year period, the first circle is closed and another one has opened for Wings In Motion. The band comes from Athens and “Cyclicity” is their debut release. The band has released two promos (in 2010 & 2011) so far and after having a steady line-up they started working on their debut release. Auspiciously, they signed with the Ukrainian Another Side Records which is a division of Metal Scrap Records.
What I would never guess, if I didn’t know, is that Wings In Motion is a Greek band. They have overcome and eliminated all the “Greek issues” most bands from Greece have. The high technical & playing skills is something that you can find in most Greek bands… what you do not find, at least not that easily, is the attitude and the professionalism these guys seem to have. The band’s melodeath, groove, modern, progressive & metal approach has a certain Swedish orientation without leaving elements from other EU or US scenes outside. A few metalcore, industrial, heavy-power & symphonic touches here & there are making the final outcome rich & complete. A few bands that come to mind are In Flames, Soilwork, Scar Symmetry, Dark Tranquillity, Machine Head, Lamb of God, Chimaira & Devildriver, but then again this is just to give you a small hint of what you’re about to listen. The guys have added their personal touch on their music and they have made it quite melodic and sonorous. Where others generally focus on brutality, WIM goes for harmonious guitars & keys themes and clean (along with brutal ones) melodic vocals.
The production is also very good. Surely, it will be better in the next releases, as I think it needs to be a bit tighter and heavier. But that’s easy to accomplish. The album was mastered by Tony Lindgren (Paradise Lost, Kreator, Enslaved, Katatonia etc.) at Fascination Street Studios and it has got the apt substance it needs. As I said previously, there are both clean and brutal vocals. The singer is Andreas Boutos who also sings on Memorain. I like the way he uses his voice on WIM and surely he sounds way improved than ever before. Some say that during times of poverty nothing good can occur, but I just say the opposite and Wings In Motion proves that regardless the era if you work hard, you stay focused & you are motivated you can make it.