Wind Rose - Wardens of the West Wind

Wind Rose Wardens of the West Wind cover
Wind Rose
Wardens of the West Wind
Scarlet Records
Wind Rose is an Italian power metal loving quintet dressed in medieval styled leather pants and vests, with another album to their name and a parchment and love for symphonic power metal. They are competent enough players and with the aid of Cristiano Bertocchi, who’s done productions for Labyrinth and Vision Divine and decided to also help the band out by playing bass on their album, they are releasing their second work upon the world.
They have a style that owes a bit to Rhapsody’s flamboyance, yet what sets them apart is that having a less capable singer, who is however positively aware of his abilities, they chose to have him sing in chest voice, which comes off as a lot heavier and muscular, while almost constantly utilizing choirs and background vocals that thicken up the performance and give a different slant and tone to the whole performance. They are fairly melodic and decent at what they do, avoiding, to have questionable vocals, but the style they choose to serve has displayed much more brilliant examples. Overall, I suppose they are not the worse, I’ve heard, from this heap of new Italian bands that keep on popping up quite frequently.
Fans of Rhapsody, Domine, Dedrian, Labyrinth etc., should want to give these guys a chance...