Wildside Riot - No Second Take

Wildside Riot
No Second Take
Cargo Records
Wildside Riot is the new moniker for the ex-Wrathchild vocalist Rocky Shades. Rocky found that there’s actually life after Wrathchild and decided to go his own way with a totally new band. Both Wrathchild and Rocky’s Wildside Riot have embellished their sleaze/glam metal music with (hard) rock and roll elements making it more energetic and rockin’. After all Wrathchild are really the Godfather of glam/sleaze metal music and both they and Rocky have nothing to prove to anyone anymore.
Those who keep in pace with Grande Rock know how much I fancy Wrathchild’s “StakkAttackTwo”. It was my favorite album for 2011 and I still listen to it and I enjoy it with great satisfaction. I was expecting something at least enjoyable from Rocky but things weren’t what I hoped they would be.
Firstly, I’m gonna say ‘bout the most irritating thing with this release. It’s the production… and specifically the bass equalizer which is very high on the mix. My subwoofer almost went crazy! Then I put on my headphones but nothing really changed. Initially, I thought it was my poor sounding digital promo but after I heard this properly I realized that this wasn’t the case here. Moreover, sometimes there’s a low frequency distortion, especially if you play the songs very loud. It’s so unprofessional to ruin the recordings with a bad mixing procedure. Secondly, 13 songs which last about 53 minutes are too many for this kind of music, can’t ya see?!
Thirdly, this kind of Poison meets AC/DC meets Wrathchild (second era), meets Motley Crue, meets Nasty Idols meets Crashdïet and so forth music needs big hooks and catchy melodies. Most of the songs are OK, without featuring any big catchy tunes that are gonna drive you crazy. “Babe I Gotta Go” & “Wanted Lust” are the best songs here. For example, the ala Alice Cooper’s “Lost in America” song “Fukk Em” and the funky “Angel on My Back” are not working well at all.
Rocky had never been the “big” voice of hard rock but he is definitely a rocker with attitude and a rockin’ style. Wildside Riot’s debut could have been better, especially on the sound section, and it’s the damn truth that it doesn’t leave a good taste in the end. I just wish things were different, but it ain’t too late for musicians like Rocky to find their way and come back stronger in the future.