Wildime - Beams of Bones Walls

Wildime Beams of Bones Walls cover
Beams of Bones Walls
Revalve Records
Going for a hat trick of Italian bands, Revalve Records strikes me as an Italian company that at least for the time being seems to be collaborating only with local band. Of them Wildime is a band that started a few years ago, in 2010 but only now managed to complete their debut.
The acoustic – first song of the album – and intro aptly called “Black Conspiracy Intro” ready to release the debut album “Beams of Bones Walls” had me intrigued, but as soon as “Black Conspiracy” set it’s foot through the door, the project turned band, revealed themselves to be fans of the stoner rock/metal, the whole Nola sound. They probably idolize Black Label Society and probably Pantera too, but they cannot duplicate the big badass production so even if their performances are adequate they tend to sound a little whimpier, lead single “Pull the Trigger” is the first single from the album which is fairly OK, but after that things quickly slide into sameness, with the only deviation being the slower tempo, more balladesque songs like “Star and Stripes”, it feels like they sort of monotonously play same-type of riffs on almost all of the tracks and their not so top notch vocals, that however do convey the feeling they should, don't help their effort further.
If any of the above sounds alluring to you, I suggest you give them a spin. On the other hand, I only liked things on the grungier, grittier end of the spectrum when downtuned, was infused with shitload of melody and that’s a combination not too many bands, have mastered… but there are a few that did, passingly manage to release interesting experimental albums on the form described.