Wildestarr - A Tale Tell Heart

Wildestarr A Tale Tell Heart cover
A Tale Tell Heart
Scarlet Records
I’m sure that the elder metalheads will have nice memories from Dave Starr and his former band Vicious Rumors back in the day. Dave created Wildestarr along with the singer London Wilde a few years ago. Of course, Dave isn’t just the band’s bassist but also the guitarist & the songwriter. “A Tale Tell Heart” is the band’s sophomore release which continues delivering pure heavy metal music right from the 80s. Did you think of something else just for a moment? No way!
Well, the good thing is that Wildestarr is a like a mix of Chastain with Vicious Rumors, Judas Priest & Queensryche among others. Even though such a mixture might sound good to some ears… and especially to those that love Chastain even today (how many are you out there?), the damn truth is that I wanted more. And I shall explain myself. Wildestarr have a fine production which steps into the 80s but it’s not retro. A bit more heavier & updated sound wouldn’t have been bad. Certainly, that’s not the major issue with this album. It’s the songwriting which lacks imagination and is very cliché, generic & overdone. The tunes are somewhat OK but there’s nothing more.
Mainly for a guy like myself who has always been a great 80s metal follower, releases such as this do not have anything to give except for a few reminisces of some big 80s heavy metal bands. And if this album doesn’t appeal to the 80s metal lovers, then how various younger guys can be into that? To set things straight this ain’t a bad or non-listenable album… nor a great either. It has just been done so many times in the past and doesn’t leave enough to be desired eventually…