Wild Rose - 4

Wild Rose 4 cover
Wild Rose
Lions Pride Music
Sometimes you do not need much in order to realize how good an album can be… a small teaser is just fine and of course the music quality of the band’s previous works speaks for itself.
Wild Rose need no further introduction. They have been holding the AOR flag up high for many years now. Auspiciously, this is their fourth full-length release, so that’s where the album title refers to. What has changed? Well, the original singer & lead guitarist George & John Bitzios respectively are back on the band. And that was the perfect timing to do so. The band needed their energy & presence to go further and so they did. George sings the new tracks more passionately than ever and John delivers some of his best leads ever. Certainly, kudos to guitarist & songwriter Andy Rock, who has not only written some wonderful tracks but also brought both George & John back for the band’s own sake.
“4” was recorded at EVO Studios, Evosmos, Hellas except for the drums, which were recorded at Stone House Studio, Evosmos, Hellas. The album was mixed by Pelle Saether at Studio Underground, Vasteras, Sweden and mastered by Dan Backman. Andy Rock produced the album along with the other guys from the band. The new album has three different front covers. As Andy told me, the original cover was made for the Japanese release and afterwards came the other two that also feature the model Maria Daravigka.
Musically, Wild Rose are true to their roots. AOR/melodic rock music with catchy melodies, fine leads and great vocals is what “4” is all about. Nothing more or less. Surely, those who fancy this kind of music will revel in the album without any second thoughts. It is so well-written and well-delivered that you have no excuse not to give it a chance. Do it and be sure to come back for more, cuz it ain’t easy to listen to it only a couple of times. Tracks such as “Desperate Heart”, “Summer Girl”, “Time After Time”, “Love Games”, “Hot Wired”, “Save the Night”, “Broken Hearted”, “Waiting for You” & the magnificent (Japanese bonus) “All I Ever Need” can easily become your favorable Summer soundtracks. This kind of music is ideal for the Greek Summer! Wild Rose are going through, probably, their best phase as a band so far and they have nothing to prove anymore… they indeed are one of the top European AOR/melodic rock bands around and “4” is possibly their most complete album to date. Do not let their new album pass you by for any reason and also do not miss the chance to see them live on stage…