Wild Child - Seven

Wild Child Seven cover
Wild Child
Independent Release
Wild Child are a severely downtuned grungy hard rocking band from Brazil. They formed in 2007 around a duo of childhood friends, as a band that played cover only to change their direction when in 2010 another permanent member joined them on bass. The addition of Erik Fillies on vocals, whose name rings some distant bell for some reason, made then even more complete and the band released a digital only release in 2012, freely available and a studio bootleg a year later.
“Seven” – their sophomore effort – typically revolves around the 7 deadly sins theme, a concept that’s been often redcurrant in a lot of recent releases. Problem with Wild Child is that even technically adept as they seem to be, their somewhat progy grungy rock, is too depressive and in a way, a little too generic and pedestrian to really leave a mark. There are some nice melodies from song to song, but overall the sensation that the album leaves is not all that fulfilling. Fans of more modern emo-rock might find some interesting aspects in them, but most of the times, these people only follow big, established bands, so… I don’t see them quite rocking the whole world, but probably remaining a local concern for the foreseeable future.