Whyzdom - Blind?

Whyzdom Blind? cover
Scarlet Records
This time our beloved and so overcrowded female-fronted symphonic power metal music is coming from France. Whyzdom’s sophomore release had been in the pipeline for a while due to the singer changes. Finally, the chosen one is the beautiful Elvyne Lorient who also has a good voice. The band, of course, is the brainchild of the composer/guitarist/producer Vynce Leff.
The music in “Blind?” is full of symphonic/orchestral parts, along with a real choir, while the power metal elements seem to accompany them every now and then. This is, undoubtedly, a very ambitious & enormous work that unfortunately doesn’t reach the high standards it has created. The songs shouldn’t have been so long, as 75 minutes of music can hardly keep someone’s attention throughout an album. Additionally, the major lack of good & memorable melodies leaves much to be desired. The mixing also has a few problems (I do not like how the drums sound-especially the bass drum). Moreover, the production is neither thick nor very heavy. It is good though, but it could surely have been better.
I like the orchestra/choir themes, but this ain’t something we haven’t heard before from Nightwish or Epica in an even better way. I really do not get why one has to make some songs more than 7 minutes in order to sound pompous, symphonic & great. That’s so wrong. The only thing that they do, is to make them sorta boring in the end. Nonetheless, there are some nice moments here… but the guys must pay extra attention to their melodies and the hooklines if they wanna separate themselves from the thousands other fine female-fronted sympho-power metal bands of our time…