Whyzdom - Symphony for a Hopeless God

Whyzdom Symphony for a Hopeless God cover
Symphony for a Hopeless God
Scarlet Records
Three years after their sophomore release, “Blind?”, the French symphonic metal band Whyzdom returns with their third studio work. The first question that comes to mind is what has actually changed since “Blind?”. Well not so much overall even though a couple major things have changed for the better.
The production is more cohesive, powerful and complete now. The orchestral parts also sound pompous – as they should be. The album was once again produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by, the band’s mastermind, Vynce Leff in Paris at Powermania Studio, who has been assisted by Mathieu Gillon (120dB Studio). The symphonic themes have a more cinematic edge (Turilli’s Rhaposdy) on the whole. Marie Rouyer (ex-Entropia, ex-Katarsis, ex-Throne of the Doomed) is the new singer of the band. She replaced Elvyne in 2013. I kinda fancy Elvyne’s voice a tad more but Marie is good as well, even though she sounds a bit down in the mix at times. The male growls are there to make the final outcome more generic and overdone at places. Once again, my issue has to do with the hooklines which are hardly memorable. This is a part where the band must work harder, cuz it kinda makes their final result less interesting. Another thing is the length of the tracks. The album lasts around 68 minutes. Some tracks become a bit boring due to their length.
That’s why I said earlier that not much has changed on the band’s camp. I had made the same comments about their second release “Blind?”, and here I am making more or less the same observations. They worked on their sound and that’s why the production is way better than their previous release, but all the other parts haven’t been updated as much as they should have been. The competition among the symphonic metal, female-fronted, bands is very intense and only the really good and compelling ones shall make it in long term. Even the big bands of the genre have bogged down lately…