Whitford/St. Holmes - Reunion

Whitford/St. Holmes Reunion cover
Whitford/St. Holmes
Mailboat Records
Whitford/St. Holmes is obviously a collaboration between veteran rockers Brad Whitford (Aerosmith) and Derek St. Holmes (Ted Nugent), but not the first time the two have worked together, as when Whitford left Aerosmith he did come together with St.Holmes, who was singing for Ted Nugent and playing rhythm guitar as well to release an eponymous debut after some dates way back in 1981.
Now with Aerosmith nearing “the end” it does make a bit of sense to revisit this old collaboration and update things with the release of new material with the aptly titled “Reunion”. The album is the spiritual successor of its predecessor and doesn’t actually seem to lack too much in spontaneity, nor is it too different sound-wise, with only a more updated, but definitely appropriately retro production. They are however more mature players and It shows in their playing. What also comes across is the sheer joy of rocking out which comes across effortlessly and despite not being able to antagonize their “main bands” is still a whole lotta fun.
From the cascade rocker “Shapes”, to the hard rocking “Hell’s on Fire” (ha!), to the lovelier and more carefree “Catch My Fall”, this album is genuine and from the heart… also included on it is a remastered bonus disk of the 1981 debut, which makes it a bit of a steal….
Really worth it if you like timeless hard rock music. Highly recommended.