White City - Landlocked

White City Landlocked cover
White City
Independent Release
Being a rocker in Middle East ain’t that easy! We may say that we get it but it is way different to live the whole situation and be part of an “alternative community” than to watch it from far away. One gal, Ruth “Ru” Owen on vocals & bass, from UK, one guy, Andreas “Andronik” Stefansson on drums, from Sweden and another, Travis “Travka” Beard on guitars from Down Under, all met in Kabul and started to rock as a cover band around 2006.
In 2012, they released the “Space Cadet” EP which features 5 tracks. Three tracks (“Perfect 10”, “Petrol Sucker” & “Last Plan”) from that EP are also featured on their debut album. The band has released a very interesting video for “Perfect 10” recently. Musically, White City blends rock, rock & roll, punk-rock, post-punk, pop-rock, alternative, garage & modern rock elements. It’s obvious that this band has performed very much all these years and they are very tight. The song arrangements are very smart and well-made as well. Another notable thing is the fabulous production. It was done by producer Jaime Arellano Gomez (Cathedral, Guapo, Turisas, Art Brut etc.) at Orgone Studios in London where they also recorded the album.
Having seen the video first and listened to the song afterwards, I was quite surprised when the opener, “Drive by Nandos” burst in. The heavy riff along with the punk rockin’ rhythms really rocked my world. A great way to open an album indeed. At this point I must say that almost every track describes various events which have happened to the band members in a third world country. If you give it the apt time and pay attention to the lyrics, this album can travel you to strange places in several third world countries. Let’s not forget that they’d also had the guts to leave the “secure Western World” and live in Kabul, a place that deviates from the known Western culture. I bet these guys will be lots of fun to watch live on stage… so do not miss the chance to do so, if they happen to play near you. At any rate, White City is a power trio which rocks & whoops it up in every given moment. Do follow them if you fancy modern, alternative punk-rock music with female vocals.