Westworld - Cyberdreams

Westworld Cyberdreams cover
Crush Music
“Cyberdreams” is the new and the best album that Westworld have released. I really don’t know where to start from! Westworld is the band that Mark Reale (Riot) and Tony Harnell (TNT) formed, some years ago. And now I’m wondering… what more can we wait from musicians like them? The answer is pure melodic hard rock/metal music that very few people are capable to compose nowadays! All the songs are marked by Mark’s virtuoso guitar playing and of course by Tony’s superb voice and the divine vocal melodies he has written! The lyrics are really brilliant and they show how the new way of life (Internet stuff) has entered people’s lives.
The songs of the album are all excellent, but if I were forced to name a few, I would say about the first song “Cyberdreamer”, which is a unique mid-tempo hard rock hymn! Other songs that are worth to be mentioned are the light melodic rocker “How Good It Feels”, and the clever “A Million Miles”, which is very catchy. Then, I must refer to the song “What If”, cause it has an amazing and at the same time melodic refrain and, of course, I must mention the most touching ballad that I’ve listened so far this year, which is called “Look To See”. That song is heavenly my friends!!!
The best thing I should do is advise you to buy this unique in its kind album! Westworld’s “Cyberdreams”, is one of the best albums that have been released in 2002. Tony and Mark are both in great shape and you will understand this from the first song of the album. So do yourselves a big favour and buy this album as soon as possible ‘cause I’m sure that in the future, many of you will search for this album and spend a fortune to buy it! We must be very careful and we must search very well before buying an album. Do not forget that very often, spectacular albums are released, and not many people pay attention to them but after a lot of years most of them are searching like crazy to get them! So be aware of what kind of albums is worth your money and your valuable time! Westworld are one of these groups you will love! See you all in “Cyberworld”!!!