We Are Waves - Labile

We Are Waves Labile cover
We Are Waves
Memorial Records
Two years after their debut self-titled release, electronic rockers We Are Waves are back with “Labile”. This second attempt features a much more “synth-based” approach, combining the late 80’s sound of bands like Joy Division, New Order, Echo and the Bunnymen, Siouxsie and The Banshees, The Cure and Sisters Of Mercy, with that of more contemporary ones like Trentemøller and Nero.
Dark, yet energetic, powerful and never gloomy, the 11 tracks in “Labile” unfold as one solid unit while the record progresses, masterfully combining electronic and alternative rock with post-punk and new wave (b.t.w., isn’t it funny that a music genre introduced in the 80’s still has the word “new” in its name?). It’s more than clear that We Are Waves have, permit me the expression, “a huge hard-on” to play their music for the masses. Even during the mid or slow tempo parts on it, “Labile” never lets up and never drops the ball.
A very happy surprise is definitely the “so-energetic-it’s-almost-cheerful” rendition of The Cure’s “A Forest”. This track is pretty much the epitome of what We Are Waves stand for, combining 80’s nostalgia with a contemporary sound. Some of the other highlights on “Labile” that are definitely worth a mention include “Old Days”, “Blue Lines” and “Whenever Im Alone”.
So, if you’re (or ever were) a fan of the new wave/post-punk sound, this album will pretty much blow your socks off and make you dig up some of your favorite albums of the era. If you’re not, chances are you’ll give the genre another try after listening to “Labile”.