Waverly Lies North - A Soul in the Void

Waverly Lies North A Soul in the Void cover
Waverly Lies North
A Soul in the Void
Brennus Music
Waverly Lies North are French ensemble of musicians, who slowly came together, to augment the core duo of twin brothers Julien (guitars) and Edouard (drums) over the course of two years and have recently released their debut album “A Soul in the Void”. They seem to have a symphonic and prog style, mixed with gothic and dark atmospheres. Their male singer Eric Pariche is pretty good and he dominates over most of the album while a female soprano Audrey Escots, makes herself audible, during “Aria Nocturna” with pretty incredible results!
While they are pretty talented and come up with good ideas and I cannot fault the production, as bad, it does feel that the mix is rather life-less and flat. Even if it somewhat fits the style, after a while the constant tempos do unfortunately tire, which is a pity, because underneath it all, there are some incredible details in the drumming, which is however so weak and buried in the mix that it sounds almost blanketed.
Also I am sure that as good a singer Eric might be here, he’s only showing a little bit of what he’s capable of and he has a lot of life sucked out of his performances, which could have also been chromatically richer, in the first place and a little more fierce in places. Certainly the French are a very interesting band, very talented and one band to look out for, but I think they should work a bit more on making their style a little more pluralist and achieving a better end result production wise.