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Wasted Puppets
Puppet Show
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Wasted Puppets is a Finnish band, that was formed in 2011, somewhere, among those 1000 lakes... They are a post millennial, 70/80s rock inspired band, but both their production, which is very current, clinical and perfect and their style, (more 90s rock, than Uriah Heep if you know what I mean) makes them not incredibly compelling to follow. While I don’t condone, bands that want to sound retro to, resort to shitty productions, unless it’s all they can afford, this quite compressed, yet not incredibly loud production doesn’t rock as much as it should.
One cannot fault the band, as they’re fairly decent players and their style is decently melodic, but a better singer and a bit more variation in the songs wouldn’t hurt them. On certain songs they sound a bit Audioslave-ish ie “Black Tar Medicine” or a bit like 90s The Cult, (the more alt years) with a bit of bad LA, new-rock ie on “Your Mother Knew I Was Bad News”… I suppose if you like the sound of bands like Sixx AM and the like, you might not really find them rejectable, but this sounds like the aborted child of Motley Screw and Him…