Wardenclyffe - Control All Delete

Wardenclyffe Control All Delete cover
Control All Delete
Ván Records
Wardenclyffe is a rather new band, from Sweden that was founded in 2011 by Jacob Nordangard (ex-Captor and The Doomsday Cult), Ola Blomkvist (Griftegard and ex-The Doomsday Cult) and Micael Zetterberg (Terrorama and Spetalsk). The band is named after the Serbian inventor and genius Nikola Tesla’s experimental facility in New York which connects to the general thematic approach (science history, transhumanism, cybernetics, and occultism). Apparently, one of the members is an academic and in 2012, when he had to defend his doctoral thesis (Ordo Ab Chao – The Political History of Biofuels in the European Union) he decided, to even include a recording by the band, in a rather bizarre move.
The album consists of seven tracks of slowly building, thick doom with nice riffs and rather gruff vocals, which are clear enough to understand but not “clean” in any case, but seem to fit the music rather well. Thomas Sabbathi from Year of the Goat contributed with some great additional guitar work. Bass player Emil Astrom (Terrorama) was recruited along with guitarist Robert Karlsson (Misericordia) to bring the bands membership up to five people.
Overall, the album is quite exemplary, in its execution, with songs like “Orcadian Dream”, “Macroshift” and the monumental “Externalization of the Hierarchy” leaving a quite positive aftertaste, especially the latter, where the band dares to break away from the relative monotony, by including some more melodious parts. A quite good debut, from a band that shows great promise. They have good riffs and an overall decent presence, so if they work a bit more, I’m sure they could come up, with something even better.