Voodoo Six - Make Way for the King

Voodoo Six Make Way for the King cover
Voodoo Six
Make Way for the King
Cadiz Music Ltd
I seem to recall the name of these Londoners from I guess them opening for Maiden and Anthrax in recent years, since the main guy in the band is buddies with Steve Harris, but making no really impression on me, in all honesty. They have also had multiple staples of performing in Download Fest, without that breaking them in a big fashion either.
Nearly 15 years and five albums in – minting a new singer, wasn’t gonna be the easiest by new guy, Nik Taylor-Stoakes, let his vocals do the convincing and he manages to negate any negativity that people might have had towards him from the go. The problem with the band is that despite their obvious nice rhythmical ability, they have trouble focusing on tighter and catchier songs with choruses that work so, their post grunge – retro rock ends up sounding too loose. Not bad, but awfully generic.
“Riot” and “Let Me Walk” are representative songs of these Brits style, but I suppose I should leave it up to the listener to decide if they like, what these guys are peddling, since I’m not particularly enamored with their brand of lazy rock.