Voodoo Hill - Waterfall

Voodoo Hill Waterfall cover
Voodoo Hill
Frontiers Music Srl
Several years after their last collaboration, Glenn Hughes (bass/vocals) and notable Italian guitarist/producer Dario Mollo return to their “Voodoo Hill” project. Following the “Wild Seed of Mother Earth”, which has aged quite well, “Waterfall” seems to be more or less a no-strings attached affair, where both musicians can have some fun, without having the pressure of having to follow up the project with live dates or consecutive albums every other year. That translates in both looseness in spirit and an easy going sound with some songs that seem to have taken their time to ripen and are very pleasant to experience…
While Hughes is always funky and playful the somewhat heavier side as manifested by Mollo’s guitars often make for an interesting contrast… I suppose also the previous albums that Glenn was involved in had a more 70s rock n blues character, both Black Country Communion and California Breed which sort of carries over here a bit, especially in the case of the latter. The style of the album is not cast in stone though, which allows for some variety in the album with the only constant being the quality of the performances and for the most part the compositions themselves.
Songs like the uplifting opener “All That Remains”, the primal and mystical “Underneath and Down Below”, the sensational “Waterfall” and the straight ahead rocking “Eldorado” are all fine examples of that and make the album not too hard to recommend. Those of you who like Glenn’s vocals and overall style should feel right at home right here, while others shouldn’t be disappointed either.