Voices From The Fuselage - Odyssey: The Founder of Dreams

Voices From The Fuselage Odyssey: The Founder of Dreams cover
Voices From The Fuselage
Odyssey: The Founder of Dreams
White Star Records
After the debut release “Odyssey: The Destroyer of Worlds” in 2015, it was about time for Voices From The Fuselage to come up with their new album that is titled “Odyssey: The Founder of Dreams”. On the one hand we have “the destroyer of worlds” and on the other “the founder of dreams”. Quite interesting as both titles, according to Ashe, describe the same person and a continued experience. The titles can be applied to anyone, but you can read more here.
By blending atmospheric parts with cinematic elements, post-rock, modern prog metal along with some few djent touches here and there, they have updated their overall sound and made it more personal at long last. The poppy melodies along with the melancholic and the ethereal components have made the final outcome even more captivating, distinct and esoteric. Ashe’s vocals are amazing and they certainly add an extra quality on the band’s sound.
“Odyssey: The Founder of Dreams” has a post-futuristic atmosphere for the most part which makes it a perfect soundtrack for a space odyssey in a post-apocalyptic world, where both “the destroyer of worlds” and “the founder of dreams” are trying to play their parts and destroy what’s left or plant the seeds of a new spacy life. Moreover, some tracks like “Via”, “Life on Titan” or “Vault of Heaven” could have been a great soundtrack to “The 100” TV series for instance.
This album should be experienced to the fullest with all your senses and in a silent and dim environment… then you will be transferred to the post-futurist cosmos that it all takes place. I’ll say no more, just get ready to travel along with “The Founder of Dreams”… and what a journey… it could turn out to be!