Vision Divine - Destination Set to Nowhere

Vision Divine Destination Set to Nowhere cover
Vision Divine
Destination Set to Nowhere
It seems that for every band there’s a special time when they can create and present the album that can/will mark their whole career. Vision Divine is, without any doubt, one of the best heavy/power metal bands that come from Italy. Since 1998, the year of their formation, they kept releasing very good music. In any case, Olaf Thörsen & Fabio Lione are among the top names of the Italian metal scene.
Three years after their previous record, which was rather contentious, and care of what  was meant to be their best album to date. This is quite obvious from the very first time you play the album. It exhales some fresh air along with independency on behalf of the band. A free will of how to do things, of how to compose… they paid attention to the music they produced. For instance, the production is so damn excellent, dynamic & clear that leaves you no other choice than play the album at maximum volume. The song arrangements are very rich, smart and wonderfully done adding an extra aspect to each and every song. The performances are wonderful… unquestionably Olaf and Fabio are taking the whole thing a step further. Olaf has given the proper time & devotion to the songwriting… so he does deliver some of his best songs ever.
Heavy on the one side… power metal on the other… but then again with several symphonic, melodic, atmospheric elements and a handful of electronic & gothic (yeap) features as well, to embellish their sound, Vision Divine are offering a wonderful outcome that will give full gratification to the heavy/power metal fans around the world… regardless of their preferences. As I said before, “Destination Set to Nowhere” is surely the band’s top moment up to now. I feel like the band is having a second youth or something… entering this new decade with freshness, vigor & will to go on even further. There’s no downsides on the album… yet, my favorite tune is “The Sin is You”, which has only a few “gothic” touches… hope to see/hear more tracks like it in the future from Vision Divine.
PS: The Special Edition of the band's 7th studio album comes along with a bonus CD containing the best songs of Vision Divine’s career, from “Vision Divine” in 1999 up to the album “The 25th Hour” in 2007”. All songs have been re-recorded in 2012, some of them for the first time with Fabio Lione on vocals. Moreover, there’s also a cover version of Savatage’s “Gutter Ballet” as a bonus track.