Virus - Memento Collider

Virus Memento Collider cover
Memento Collider
Karisma Records
Virus is a bizarre case, a band coming out of the ashes of Ved Buens Ende and other bands Czral (sic) was involved in... just like them they indulge in this weird heavy on psych, avant garde experimental style that’s intentionally lo/fi and fuzzy.
Minimalist and concentrated performances that lapse into several minute compositions and flimsy mocking vocals that exalt equally odd lyrics, make this fourth album by the band another foray into eccentricity that a lot of extreme metallers seem to enjoy.
While my tolerance towards odd shit has skyrocketed since I’ve delved into psychedelia, I find the somewhat more structured 70s stuff that sounds like a precursor to what these guys are doing, a lot more interesting. I did think that the more romantic sound of “Rogue Fossil” and “Streamer” was a little more appealing than the more doombince of some other stuff, but make up your own mind – while you trip on your own over this.