Vindictiv - Cage of Infinity

Vindictiv Cage of Infinity cover
Cage of Infinity
Escape Music
Going on their way without any boundaries, Vindictiv is like a “new” band. 4 whole years after their second release they are back with two important additions to their line-up and a more straightforward heavy approach. Marco Sandron (Pathosray, Fairyland, ex-Eden’s Curse, ex-Jackhammer, ex-Burnin’ Dolls, ex-Broken Arrow) is the band’s new vocalist and in all honesty he did manage to fill Goran Edman’s shoes intensely. The other new member is the drummer Henrik Hedman (Celestial Decay, ex-Last Kingdom).
The songwriter & guitarist of the band stated lately that he’s no longer the same person as he used to be… and he’s going for a simpler approach that it’s more direct. That is totally respectful and honest declaration. I like that melodic metal style that Vindictiv have engaged on “Cage of Infinity”. The musicianship is badass; the heaviness is balancing the melodic side of the band while you can still fancy various atmospheric parts, several progressive touches and the occasional virtuosic solos. The production is incredibly tight & heavy! Stefan Lindholm produced the album while it was mixed and mastered by Lars Chriss.
Can this new album showcase that Vindictiv are going to be more direct & melodic in the future? Well, that’s something that only time can tell. But if they keep it up like this & embellish their music with more & charming hooks then they are assuredly heading for bigger things. Can they do it? Un-friggin-doubtedly! These guys can play and write music, they are not larking around just to kill our & their time. I’m looking forward to what they will come up with next…