Venrez - Children of the Drones

Venrez Children of the Drones cover
Children of the Drones
Monarch Music Group
Venrez are a rocking combo from LA, that is stoned, dazed, but not too confused and churns out an alternative flavored, commercial rock, with lingering vocals that sound like the late Layne Stanley channeling Ozzy Osbourne, when they’re not too autotuned/effect ridden. At times they tend to rock things up a bit and their tours after a 2013 debut release, with some industry heavy weights like Slash, Alice Cooper and Hardcore Superstar, seem to have given them a bit of an edge...
They are fair enough, but in their stoned, psychedelic soundscapes the only real change is in terms of tempo and that’s not exactly something earth-shattering. There are a couple of decent tunes like “Sacred Blood” and “Children of the Drones” but overall, unless you’re big on the style, past the third song, you’re rather likely to lose all your interest…