Venom - From the Very Depths

Venom From the Very Depths cover
From the Very Depths
Spinefarm Records
Having the same line-up with which they released the previous album “Fallen Angels”, Venom have put themselves in a steady course over the years; it was time for a new album, about 4 years since the one mentioned above, to be released anytime soon.
On the one hand, this album is better in every part than “Fallen Angels”. It would be a major letdown if they released something that tedious and boring again. On the other hand, we get one of the same here, without any alterations. Blackened heavy/trash music with “evil” lyrics. Along comes the characteristic “odd” (love it or hate it) voice by Cronos that completes the Venom-music-puzzle. The production is good, even though it does have that “oldie” stigma in it. I guess it’s a matter of taste as such “cult” acts do not fancy the polished full & powerful sound of today.
Venom is and will always be considered to be one of the pioneering bands of the extreme metal sound. They did that back on their days and none can take it away. They were never great musicians and their songwriting skills were/are limited, but that didn’t keep them back from doing their thing, which brought them both fame & fortune. They never “evolved” as a band and as many loyal fans of theirs claim, there’s no Venom without Mantas and Abaddon. Everything’s a matter of choices. Those who only care about the name and Cronos’ “characteristic” voice will have no problem following and listening to Venom these days… as for the others, they’d better keep listening to their old (and more interesting) studio works…