Venom - Fallen Angels

Venom Fallen Angels cover
Fallen Angels
Spinefarm Records/Universal
Album number 13 for Vemon… a number that’s considered “lucky” by those who are not superstitious… and “bad” by those who are following the religious ethics. Once again the band has some line-up changes as Antton Lant left the group and he was replaced by the drummer Danny “Dante” Needham.
Afar from this line-up change… nothing else has been changed a bit about the band’s music style. The songs are mostly alike… in the same heavy/trash metal style of the band along with obscure “satanic” lyrics. Again we hear the awful voice of Cronos (has become even worse than in the past) and an 80s retro metal sound (the production is not bad though) that I do not like at all. Even if they were one of the first metal bands that dealt with the blasphemous thematology… for how long can you sing for Satan, Lucifer, Fallen Angel, Hell, Hades… etc? Maybe that was cool, scandalous, sacrilegious back in the 80s… about 30 years ago… but nowadays, it is like buying candies to a kid. On the other hand, a band like Venom cannot sing about flowers (ridiculous hippies used to do so)… and other heavenly things… so… let’s deal with it… some things are not gonna change… not matter what… and that’s not absolutely bad.
This album is only for the die-hard fans of Venom… those who are faithful to them all those years and haven’t missed a single release by them… it’s not for younger guys who like to listen to “extreme shit like hardcore/deathcore/grindcore sound pollution… not for the 80s maniacs that like a little bit of thrash/death/black metal music… nor for anyone else… hence… you’ve been notified…
PS: To clarify some things about the band’s history… and not to hear any complains (due to the band’s offering back then) about the low rating. Venom are, undoubtedly, a legendary group… one of the Godfathers of thrash, death, black metal music… with their raw extreme metal style, they offered that spark needed for the heavy metal music to reach more extreme paths. All the metal fans and the artists/bands will always, refer to the band’s unique offering to metal music. That’s the story in very few words… whoever considers himself to be a thrash/death/black (or extreme) metal fan should by any means own or at least listen to “Welcome to Hell” & “Black Metal”.