The Veer Union - Decade

The Veer Union Decade cover
The Veer Union
Pavement Entertainment
Well The Veer Union is a band that has been around for some fifteen years (including some solo project years), releasing another 3 albums and an EP prior to this one in one of them even through a multinational (Universal) with probably not great results, as their name is not household and they were also dropped immediately afterwards.
They have this post grunge, very harmonized style that feels a bit like a mix of Alice In Chains without the great guitars and the rather homogenized vocals of Linking Part. While listening to this album, typically I felt like listening to variations of the same song over and over, since the angsty auto-tuned vocals are really not gonna do them any favors and their riffs are a dime a dozen. The softer track “I Said” is a little different, even if it predictably has an explosive “moment” that however seems to happen – some distance from the microphones… wtf ?! Boring, unless you like “that” kind of thing.