Vaudeville - Vendetta

Vaudeville Vendetta cover
Independent Release
I always look out for new bands and especially indie ones that have something to offer and they need support for they do not have a major label behind them to deal with the appropriate PR. This time I happened to notice Vaudeville, a newcomer from Minneapolis. Although they’re influenced by a bunch of bands that I do not quite fancy, their music (that’s the oxymoron) pleasantly surprised me or should I say caught me off guard?
Vaudeville have a modern orientation, with several of pop-rock, hard rock, alternative, post-rock, electronic, industrial, atmospheric & brit-pop elements in their sound but with a great sense of melodies as well. The charming musical outcome is backed by a first-rate, vital and rich production. “Vendetta” has 11 songs and each of them has something to give the fans. These guys are not joking at all. They are talented, that’s undisputable, but there’s more than that. They know how to write stimulating tunes and how to deliver some damn catchy melodies. I do not care and do not want to put them under a label for I do care more for the music than anything else. Call it whatever you like, compare it to whomever you want to… the thing cannot be changed in fact… they are inspired, creative & way better than some major, greatly-advertised commercial “modern” bands that have lost their inspiration for some time now.
This is an indie release, financed by the band yet they haven’t lost in quality at all just to save for some expenses as some labels even do in our days. If this was promoted & advertised under a major label’s campaign then be sure that most of you would be cryin’ their names out loud all over the internet and on every appearance. I only see positive things for Vaudeville. Should they keep up at this pace and keep improving with every new step they take, in every part, then I don’t see how they cannot become popular and successful in numbers cuz’ artistically they already are. They may have come to my notice late but I believe that “Vendetta” is one of the top independent rock releases in 2012. Watch out for these guys…