Vaudeville - Masquerade: Part 1

Vaudeville Masquerade: Part 1 cover
Masquerade: Part 1
Independent Release
After the release of their sophomore album “Vendetta” (read the review here) in 2012, the music group from Minneapolis, strikes back with its new – third album – which has a small peculiarity. It’s divided in 2 parts. “Part 1” contains 5 tracks plus one intro and “Part 2”, will feature 5 tracks and it is gonna be released in late 2014 or early 2015, as the band told me (read more here).
Why’s that? Well, the band had a fund raising campaign for the new album a few months ago; alas they didn’t reach their goal. That’s the awful part of the fund raising campaigns. I still cannot find a good reason why the fans didn’t help this young & promising band raise the right amount of money for their new album. Lacking advertisements & management would probably be one major reason. Then again, Vaudeville prefer to make things on their own and till now they’re going their own way without compromising or changing the way they think about music. They do have a loyal fan base and they’re trying to expand it with several live gigs. They do need a chance to become known out of their own territory and that will eventually come in the years to come cuz’ these guys are talented & they really deserve it. They just need to be a little more patient.
Having matured & evolved throughout these 2 years, “Masquerade: Part 1” presents a rockin’ yet mellow and sentimental side of the band. It does feature the strong hooklines and the fine melodies they have as a band. But a track by track analysis would be better, I think…
“With Loaded Guns” is a melodic hard rockin’ tune. Easy-going, tuneful verse along with a rockin’ feel. From some reason it reminded me of  the 90s Def Leppard.
“I’ll Follow You” is a smooth pop-rock track with lots of acoustic guitars. Wonderful vocals by Christopher & a radio-friendly feeling throughout the track.
“Through Bright Red Skies” is the first single of the album. Mesmerizing, atmospheric & rockin’.
“Into the Blue” starts out with acoustic guitars and a rather calm tone but as it reaches the end it becomes more intense and electric. Great track which requires some major air-play.
“Where Darkness Lies” is a kinda modern, alternative yet atmospheric pop-rock track with a very strong refrain. Another radio-friendly song.
Somewhat suddenly all the fun ends here. The band decided not to leave its fan-base hungry from more than 2 years so they offer the first 5 tracks for their pleasure while leaving ‘em wanting for more.
It will definitely be unfair to rate half the album. As soon as the other 5 tracks are released then the whole album will be rated. Till then get “Masquerade: Part 1” and enjoy every minute of it…