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Van Arx
Independent Release
Van Arx appear to be some Swiss cover band that graduated to doing their own material. While their appearance is a bit reminiscent of a “parody” band and their songs a bit on the simple side they seem to be decent enough and able to churn out sufficiently catchy material, in the vein of Kiss, Motley Crue etc., with a production that doesn’t belie any serious budgetary constraints.
The only problem is that they seem to all “sing” more or less taking turns, and one of them guys is a bit better than the rest… and that apart from “Stay Tonight”, which seems to have some staying power, most of the songs, despite having a certain “hook”, they don’t really feel just “complete” yet, be it that they sound a little “empty” repeating lyrics or choruses – way too many times; where a new verse should have been or not really taking themselves too seriously, but then one should have half guessed that from the costumes.
While the band’s far from terrible, if they invested more time in both honing their songs into better more complete compositions and hired a stylist to give them a sleeker look, then they might have had more of a chance to make a dent on the rock scene, more than just doing small clubs, locally. If they wish to be weekend heroes, they apparently have arrived at that stage already, but beyond that…?