Valentine - A Tribute to Queen

Valentine A Tribute to Queen cover
Robby Valentine
A Tribute to Queen
Valentine Records
Robby Valentine is nothing sort of a minor musical genius. A multi-instrumentalist, and a very unique, composer indeed, he’s released a number of albums over the years, both as a solo artist and part of rock bands like Zinatra, and has also, performed as a guest musician in various musical projects, most notably in Ayreon.
If you’re familiar with his music, you’d easily appreciate the fact that his style, is vastly influenced, and greatly inspired by the works of Queen and the late Freddie Mercury, so paying a tribute to them should come as no shock or surprise.
What, should awe you however, is the fact that the man, has produced an entire album, of Queen covers, where he has eclectically chosen and interpreted some of his favorite songs by the band and he is responsible, for every sound, on the said album. That’s right! Bar some additional choirs, all other performances, all the instruments and all the lead and backing vocals are done by Robby Valentine alone!
A gargantuan and magnanimous task indeed and one that RV, has pulled of, exquisitely well!
Alongside, some golden standards like “Bohemian Rhaspody”, “Save Me” and the duo of “We Will Rock You” (that is the only song that has been really re-arranged radically) and “We are the Champions” one will also encounter some less aired, but equally important numbers like “Bicycle Race” and “Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy” songs that indeed made it onto the best of compilations back in the day, as well as, some even more obscure, but even more interesting cuts like the venomous “Flick of the Wrist” or the frantic and adventurous “Ogre Battle”, the deeply sentimental “Jealousy” and the heart-achingly beautiful and fragile “Lily of the Valley”, all treated with the utmost love and respect.
Valentine, displays a great understanding as well as endless fondness for the music of Queen and his talents, fit the style of the music perfectly. Hence both his choices of songs as well as the actual performances on them are nothing sort of spectacular and breathtaking. Excellent!