Ugly Kid Joe - Stairway to Hell (EP)

Ugly Kid Joe
Stairway To Hell (EP)
UKJ Records
Ugly Kid Joe, those dirty bum rockers from the “Neighborhood” that hated “Everything About You” and were born as a joke – the evil twin of “Pretty Boy Floyd” are officially back! Yay!
“Stairway to Hell” is a 6 track self-released EP to herald their return to the scene. And I am guessing that I genuinely have missed these guys. Grungy and dirty, but certainly NOT grunge, they both had fun and were funny too, while on occasion they were getting seriously heavier and grittier, especially, towards the end, before they went on a decade plus long hiatus.
Come 2012 and apparently, a little before the end of the world, according to the Mayas, anyway, they’re back and possibly rocking at a venue or a festival stage near you, or not as near to you.
“Devil’s Paradise” kicks up some dust, heavily borrowing from Aero’s “Kings N’ Queens” but it adds a ton of attitude and Mr. Whit Crane, deffo sounds like a long lost cousin of Bon Scott, sneering and spitting out the words, about a story of decadence in a hellish version of Paradise...
“You Make Me Sick” resonates very well with me, as I’ve been getting too tired of people’s BS, as of late and this would be a perfect F.U anthem to dedicate to them, before flipping them the bird! The riff here’s awesome and the delivery more classic Whit with faint hints of Billy Idol, thrown in for good measure...
“No One Survives” is a bleak, acoustic piece, with some monumental and soundtrack like eruptions (the rhythm wouldn't be too bad, as a James Bond theme) and some very cute, and short guitar leads, that try to rip through its entire duration. Good Dynamics!
“I'm Alright” is another “whatever”/“FU” hymn, against having to conform to some effin’ social stereotype. Love it, absolutely love the message. And I’m guessing that Whit, must really, check if he’s in any way related with the great late Bon Scott... because he totally sounds like him, during half of the bloody song! Ha! There’s also a fantastically groovy section in there somewhere after the second minute, that makes me thankful that Mr. Larkin is back,  beating those skins and laying down rhythms with Mr. Crockett. (Not Sonny, Anny, Sorry)
“Love Ain’t True”. What a title man (it’s true, isn’t it!?) features a couple of guys from, FISHBONE and is an awesome funky & funny rocker. It’s snotty, in your face, has some bizarre horn sounds, it rhymes witch with bitch and speaks the truth, about relationships and shit – in a large percentage. It has everything but the kitchen sink, really and what more could anyone ask for?
The self-explanatory “Another Beer” is a semi-acoustic, plea, for another pint and I’m sure, it could be a great bar closing tune! Hahaha, think GNR’s “I used to love her” or Hansel’s “The Whole Nine Yards” and you get the spirit...
Hey bar-dude. One more! Just one more and I’ll be gone!
Pure Awesomeness! A healthy appetizer, that has me hungry for more! Welcome Back UGZ!