Tyla J. Pallas - Devils Supper (Electric Sitting)

Tyla J. Pallas Devils Supper (Electric Sitting) cover
Tyla J. Pallas
Devils Supper (Electric Sitting)
King Outlaw Records
Tyla is the frontman of the UK glam rock band The Dogs D’Amour. They may not be a super group of their time but more or less everyone that deals with rock music has heard them back in the day. Tyla along with his band is following a solo career as well. “Devils Supper (Electric Sitting)” is his latest solo work.
Leaving any introductions about Tyla’s past aside, we better focus on the album’s music. Tyla is moving in classic rock, rock & roll & blues-rock paths here. He’s nowhere near The Dogs D’Amour’s music and that’s a good thing. Alternatively, this album reminds me of the latest works by Bob Dylan, Joe Cocker and so on. Of course, he’s not in the same league with the abovementioned musicians and nowhere near their age but he’s “old” too. Why do I mention the age thing, huh? Cuz this album brought Dylan’s latest album on my mind which was nowhere near his fame. The same goes for this album. Boredom will be your dearest friend as you start listening to it. Yeap, I think it’s even more uninspired and boring that Dylan’s “Tempest” or it just came to me in a bad time!
Other than that, it sounds so dated… only if you’re above 60 years old will you find it quite friendly. The “I love you baby yeah yeah yeah”… things are long gone and they do sound so damn “overdone & funny” at times that I believe I’m in the dancing hall of the “Crossroads” movie. Sorry, but I ain’t 60 years old and neither feel like being. This album has given me a hard time for it was impossible to listen to it at once no matter how many times I tried to do so… you see 53 minutes (including the acoustic version of “Judas Christ”) are way too many.