Tyketto - Dig In Deep

Tyketto Dig In Deep cover
Dig In Deep
Frontiers Records
In all music genres, there’re some bands that have stigmatized a specific era with their songs… bands that eventually didn’t make it and disappeared from the scene… or had a short career generally. Tyketto are one of those bands… that released a splendid album back in 1991… which has a few songs that are being considered as gems even today … and honestly… I believe that they will always be regarded as ones. How can one forget or not like Danny’s (Vaughn) unique voice and the catchy as hell “Forever Young”? Is it even possible?! Who can’t say that “Don’t Come Easy” isn’t among the best albums of melodic hard rock music of all time?! None… cuz’ that what it is.
Returning 17 years (after “Shine” where Steve Augeri sings) later with the original line-up (the “Don’t Come Easy” personnel), Tyketto made the fantasy of lots hard rock fans true. After all, who hadn’t thought, when listening to the hits of the band in a club or at home… how it would have been like if they came back with new material? Well, now we know… although this ain’t exactly what I had in mind…
“Dig In Deep” has lots of acoustic guitars… many mediocre songs… and not a big catchy tune. The band did play well… Danny is in great shape… and his voice will send chills down your spine… but the songwriting isn’t as consistent or as strong as it should have been. After you’ve listened to the album… you’ll be left with thoughts like: yeah alright but what… where’s… if…well… it’s OK… but that’s all? Decently, this isn’t exactly what we expected… and I think this isn’t what the band meant to do as well. I was expecting something closer to the first album… with catchy rockers and heartbreaking ballads… but all I’ve got is this generic, OK melodic rock (with very few strong moments) album with this dry but not bad production. Let’s hope that the follow-up release will actually be closer to the band’s brilliant debut.