Twins Crew - The Northern Crusade

Twins Crew The Northern Crusade cover
Twins Crew
The Northern Crusade
Scarlet Records
Twins Crew are coming from Sweden and they are a newcomer that was formed in 2007. Among so many other releases in 2011, I missed their debut album “Judgment Night”. Since then the guys have worked harder & after various live gigs in their country and around Europe they secured a deal with the Italian Scarlet records.
Having gone back to their debut to see whether there’s something new or not in the band, I can say that their songwriting is more consistent & mature now while they have avoided several “music fanfares” of the past. I would call them a heavy/power metal band and not a heavy metal one but the alterations are quite few… after all beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Anyhow, their classic metal (Maiden, Priest) & power metal (Helloween, Stratovarius) blending along with various references to Sonata Arctica, Hamnmerfall among others is rather discerning. Their sound has been updated as well. The CD was produced by Nicko DiMarino (Steelwing, Malison Rogue) at Deep Blue studio and mastered by Mike Lind at Masterplant (Body Count, DIO, The Poodles). The final outcome is excellent. The cover artwork has been designed by Carl-Andre Beckston at Beckston Media Arts (Edguy, House of Lords, TNT). As you can see, the guys took not only one but several steps ahead in comparison to their debut and hell they did well.
Among the numerous releases of our time and especially on the heavy/power metal genre, I think that Twins Crew, even though they are now taking their “first serious” steps into the scene, can do actually well. I do fancy “The Northern Crusade” cuz’ it’s not only well-produced but it also contains some very enjoyable tracks like: “Last Crusader”, “Blade”, “Unholy Grail”, “Loud & Proud”, “Under the Morning Star” (a truly wonderful & mournful ballad), “Kings of Yesterday” & “Angels Fall” (a fantastic 80s reminiscent).
The guys do have a contemporary touch on their music, as they also claim, but their 80s passages & atmosphere, nicely embellish their overall sound. I think we should support bands that do pay tribute to our metal roots and they have the potential to have a successful course in the long run. Do not afraid to taste ‘em… I’m looking forward to seeing their next steps…