Trucker Diablo - Songs of Iron

Trucker Diablo Songs of Iron cover
Trucker Diablo
Songs of Iron
Ripple Music
Among the various hard rock bands of our time, there are some that are just doing what they can, a few wannabe rockstars and others that can play the damn music and do not give a shit about trends, rockstar attitudes & other stuff like that. Trucker Diablo is definitely on the last category. This Irish band was formed in 2008 and this is its second release after last year’s “The Devil Rhythm”. Of course the term hard rock is very general but rather representative of the band’s music. They have a good dose of US southern rock along with various blues rock, heavy rock, classic rock & rock & roll elements if we wanna be more precise but I think that’s not the point here. The point is how tasteful and pleasurable a band like Trucker Diablo can be, cuz’ there are numerous bands on this genre around but only a few can rock you for good. Gratefully, the guys are rockin’ like crazy!
They have matured more contrary to their debut… it will only take you a few secs to be in the mood as long as the opener “Red Light On” bursts in. From that point and for the next 65 minutes (only for those who’ll get the CD as it contains 3 extra tracks), you are going to relish on tasteful melodies, nice hooks, heavy guitars, southern attitude and “dirty” vocals at large. Well, it’s not only how heavy or not you are but if your melodies are attractive as well. Moreover, the crunchy & rockin’ production completes the whole album in the best way.
Just to make a joke relative to what’s going on today… I could say that Clutch wish they could rock as half as good as Trucker Diablo! If that ain’t enough for you then do try ‘em out yourselves. Whiskey, beers, pole dancing, heavy melodies & dirty southern rockin’ music…. What more can we ask for our summer time… Rock on!