Trouble - The Distortion Field

Trouble The Distortion Field
The Distortion Field
FRW Records
In a time that all that matters is how good any replica is… while clone bands rule, we thankfully have some major “returning” bands showing how the game should be played, offering “new food” to all the clones/clowns, as they offer them a part of “inspiration”. Yeap, Trouble are back 6 years after “Simple Mind Condition”.
Honestly, I was totally frozen for a sec as I realized that Eric Wagner wasn’t behind the mic. You see this is the first album ever which Trouble have released without Eric! I’ll be damn! Trouble without Eric? Like saying Priest without Rob (shit that has already happened!), Maiden without Bruce (same oh damn!), Metallica without James (that sounds promising at a point!), Sabbath without Ozzy (hehehe), Zeps without Plant (huh are we fooling ourselves?!) and the story goes on.
Approach with caution but always have your ears open for ya never know what might follow. Kyle Thomas (Exorder, Floodgate) is no stranger to Trouble fans as he had been touring with the guys for a few years in the late 90s, but this is his first recording with the band. In all honesty, Kyle has managed to surprise me with his powerful & colorful voice. He had some big shoes to fill but he did it successfully. He was the right match since Eric wasn’t part of the band anymore. Another thing is that he gives the impression that he has been with the band for… ages! Surely, he must have been a huge Trouble fan! Also, there’s a new drummer in the band’s ranks called Mark Lira (Wet Animal), and whereas he has been in the band since 2008, this is his first recording with them. The band has also announced Rob Hultz (ex-Godspeed, ex-Solace) as their permanent bassist. Thus, the guitar duo (Rick Wartell & Bruce Franklin) is what’s left from the original line-up… after all, they are the leading force of the band and they know how to deliver good things better than anyone. Veteran producer Bill Metoyer (Slayer, W.A.S.P., Armored Saint, Dark Angel, Sacred Reich, D.R.I., etc.) has helped them much in order to deliver a heavy, doomy & crunchy sound.
“The Distortion Field” is a heavy, groovy & doom album. Not so into psychedelic but why should we care, huh?! I fancy the band’s groovier & hard & heavy approach so, as you can imagine, I’m largely satisfied. Probably, if the album was shorter (about 45 min. or so) and had a better cover artwork, it would have gained some extra points but that’s more just talking. When all’s said and done, I can actually say that “The Distortion Field” is a pleasurable heavy, groovy doom metal album. Trouble will give the chance to the new “heavy rock/doom” metal bands to find another “favorite” to rip off cuz’ Mr. Tony Iommi has had enough already and there’s not a single riff they haven’t snatched thus far. Stop following & supporting the friggin clone bands and deal with the real thing guys! Welcome back, once again, Trouble; let’s hope you stay longer this time around, cuz the scene needs you now more than ever…